Kids & Youth

Our Kid’s & Youth

“Our children and youth are a blessing to us, and we love to share with them in all they do.”

Lynne hardy, Pastor’s Wife and Children’s Ministry Leader

During the Service, our children and Youth are with us for the notices,
open prayer, and Worship,
then they all go out for the Sunday Kids Church lesson when the Sermon begins.

Sometimes we like to give our children the opportunity
to share what they are learning with the rest of the church
by allowing them to speak in front of the whole church
for the ones that would like to.

A couple of years ago we even had our children
run a complete church Service for Christmas,
complete with prayers, songs and a message!

“Don’t worry about it! We love to hear their voices! It brings us joy whenever we hear the kids are in church with us.”

Hester & Chris, Our most senior members 80+ years of age

At Beaches Baptist Church, our children and Youth are a vital part of our
intergenerational church and we believe that when families come to church,
they shouldn’t have to worry about interrupting the Sermons.

The members of our church all have had their own children in the church
and know the struggle it can be sometimes.

But, don’t worry… they Loooooove hearing children laugh or cry.
No matter how loud it is, it brings them joy simply to have children at church
because they know it is important to you, and it is important to them too.



If you are brining your children or teenagers then we love to have them. We truly enjoy having families and children in our intergenerational church, the joy it give us brings a whole lot of life as we walk alongside them; check out our Church Adventures and you will see this is true!

But, Seriously… let us take them off your hands for a bit where we can teach them all about Jesus’ love for them, and then afterwards we’ll even feed them.


Currently we are working our way through a set program that began in Genesis with the Beginning of Creation by God, through to Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Rahab, Joshua and even the Kings in Judges, including David, and of course, we must not forget… our Saviour, Jesus who is the One True King!

These lessons are accompanied with fun learning sheets, craft and colouring-in activities as well as some exciting games that the kids all really enjoy.



Our children’s church ministry leaders are all trained in keeping your children safe throughout the church service and commit ourselves to ChildSafe practices.

All of our team that serve in children’s and youth ministry must be able to apply for a Bluecard (we can help with this) or have one already, and must do the Mandatory ChildSafe Training each year with Beaches Baptist Church.


Currently we have have small group ranging from Grade 4 – High School however we have had larger groups in the past with up to 30 kids! We are praying that God will grow our Kid’s and Youth Ministry, just as he has deepened the knowledge of our children’s Bible knowledge and understanding through these in depth bible study lesson.


If you are new to our church you are welcome to touch base with us before you arrive and we’ll be sure to meet you. To do this, just fill out our CONNECT CARD so we can be sure to meet you introduce yourselves to your family.