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What is Christianity?

What is Christianity?

Is there any hope for this world?
Can I find purpose and happiness in this life?
What happens when we die?

Perhaps you’ve been interested in the man Jesus, but never had a chance to actually learn about who he is…

You only need to have an open mind!

Christianity Explained

You are invited to a series of
6 talks, plus discussion.

– You don’t need to know anything about the Bible.
– You won’t be asked to read, pray or answer questions.
– You will be given every chance to discuss.

Your Journey Begins…

At Beaches Baptist Church we’d love to walk beside you through the Omega Discipleship Ministries Discipleship Series.

This series is a pathway of steps to faith and coming into a relationship with God.

1. Come to Me – For unbelievers who are wanting to learn about becoming a Christian.

2. My First Steps – For new Christians helping them to understand the foundations of their relationship with Jesus and the essential areas of the Christian life.

3. I Will Follow Jesus – Is for those who are preparing for baptism and helps them to understanding the whole transformation process.

More series are available for believers who want to grow in discipleship, faith and their relationship with God.

Our Groups

Ladies KYB Study

CWCI ~ Know Your Bible Study
A daily devotional study that is then discussed within a group that enables you to deepen your learning and understanding of the Word of God meeting together in person.

Discipleship Training

Do you need to learn how to pray or read the Bible? This training will take you through the foundational tools of deepening your relationship with God.

Christianity Explained

Would you like to learn how to talk to others about the Good News?

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