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Church Leaders

Beaches Baptist Church Leadership Team
consists of the community of the churches believers,
along with a Pastor, Elders and Deacon elected by the church members.

Colin Hardy


After being ordained in October, 1982, I went into full-time pastoral ministry in July 1990. Prior to moving to Queensland to enjoy the tropical climate of Mackay in 2015 I have lived in Sydney, Los Angeles, Texas (USA) and various parts of Victoria. My heart’s desire is to humbly, but confidently, serve the Lord. I also enjoy working on community radio, jogging, cycling, motorcycling and my family.

Morie Rountree


Morie became a Christian in his early twenties. A fortnight later his sweetheart made a commitment as well. After a trip to Condamine for their wedding, they moved to Marian to work on a cane farm. It was a blessing to start married life as believers. It was at Marian that Morie and Christine started going to bible study at Chris and Hesta’s home. Morie could not get enough of the Bible and was not afraid to ask questions. It did not take him long to become involved with Sunday School, then presenting the short course of ‘Christianity Explained’, as well as leading bible studies and sharing God’s Word in sermons. Morie’s favourite pastime is sitting down and having a cuppa with people. Morie and Christine feel blessed to be in fellowship with Beaches Baptist Church.

Ralph Ferguson

Deacon, Treasurer

Ralph Ferguson has been an elder/deacon and treasurer for the past fifteen years at Beaches Baptist Church. He is known for his attention to detail and planning. The leadership team benefit greatly from his authenticity and drive. He is very much a humble servant of our Father, whether it be by supplying food for morning tea, helping a person in need or balancing the books of account. Ralph is a member of the Mackay Chaplaincy Committee and, upon retirement as an engineer for over thirty years, has taken on a new challenge as Practice Manager for a local medical clinic. Ralph’s faith is evident in his service to our heavenly Father.

Frank Cowell

Deacon and Secretary

Frank was born in Melbourne and attended Preston Church of Christ for Sunday school until he was about seven. As his parents did not attend church, he didn’t either. In his mid teens, Frank wondered about his place in the world and started to attend church and Youth Group on a regular basis, however, without guidance, boredom set in and he ceased attendance in 1967.

In 2003, Frank observed his son reading the Bible and decided he had to investigate Christianity, After two years searching out the truth, he committed himself to the Lord, underwent baptism and is still walking with Him today. His first wife and he divorced after 33 years of marriage in 2012 and he married Linda in 2017.

Frank’s passion lays in serving the men of the world, to encourage them to be the men God wants them to be.  He also enjoys kayaking, fishing and camping.

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