Profile on Pastor Don Hardgrave

Don Hardgrave

Dr Don Hardgrave spent four years school teaching in primary and then high schools prior to training for the ministry. He has consistently exercised pastoral ministry alongside other responsibilities especially camp ministry to high schoolers and young adults. He served in the Wesleyan Methodist Church for 26 years. A great lover of church history he has done special research on John Wesley’s small group meetings & their place in strengthening & consolidating a spiritual awakening.

He lectured in Switzerland and in the USA during his long service leave in 1995-6, & more recently at Bible College of Qld. He is currently providing training in Brisbane & Qld. regional centres under the CALAM program for Baptists and Wesleyans.

He served Baptist Churches in Innisfail, Whitsunday Bowen all in an interim capacity with encouraging results. Making Disciples is a passion & his resources have been used extensively here & overseas with significant response in the lives of those who participated. Other ministries included speaking at Keswick conventions, & Creation Ministries International full time 014-015. He & his wife have been happily married since 1970 & have 2 fine adult sons.

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