Learning from the Past with Dr Don Hardgrave at Mackay Baptist Church Sundays 7pm – 8.30pm (dates below)

Session 5 – Aug 28

The Reformation Part 2 —Zwingli, Anabaptists, Calvin, Tyndale, Puritans

Session 6 – Sept 4
The Reformation continues & RC Response (Trent)
An overview of the period from 1530-1789

Session 7 – Sept 18
The 18th century Spiritual Awakening

Session 8 – Sept 25
The 19th century—the Awakening (continued) and new ideas

Session 9 – Oct 2
The 20th century —The History of Ideas

Session 10 – Oct 9
Issues for the 21st century church.

During over 40 years of fruitful ministry Dr Don Hardgrave has pioneered many churches, organised and led camps for teens and young adults, and lectures for Theological Extension programs. He is currently serving as Interim Pastor of Beaches Baptist Church.  He believes with a passion that the dream in the heart of God for our nation, in our lifetime, is a mighty Spiritual Awakening, resulting in vibrant churches that will touch the world.

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