Guest Speaker – Brad Huddleston “Digital Cocaine” short talk.

We welcome special guest “Brad Huddleston” to present his short talk as a teaser introducing the topic of his Friday Meeting “Digital Cocaine” which will be held on Friday 31 July @ Eimeo Road State School Library from 6:30 – 8:30 pm

dsot talk 31 july

Do those pushing adoption of technologies always tell the truth about how good it is for us ?

They never use to about Smoking, yet now they do… (This clip does not mean we endorse Smoking Cigarettes)

One response to “Guest Speaker – Brad Huddleston “Digital Cocaine” short talk.”

  1. Desley Williams says :

    When I was a student nurse in the 1960s I often saw Doctors smoking. As part of our training, we had to attend a post mortem where I saw the effects of smoking on the liver, I have not eaten liver since. My dad as very healthy but died aged 72 as a result of liver cancer.

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