One thought on “Don’t hide… SEEK ! (Staying on track in the journey of faith #6)

  1. We can hear a message like this and feel challenged to stand out when actually what is required is to Know God’s Will and do it in an attitude of submission.
    If we love others as ourselves we shall want them to be saved. We are responsible for our actions, not outcomes. We want to see others saved but must remember it is God’s work and that He is working through others to fulfill His purposes for the ones we love as well.
    This means trusting Him and resting in Him whilst taking every opportunity to do good as every situation presents itself. We are to be the hands and feet of Christ doing what we see is needed to meet another person in their current situation as we so encounter them.
    We are to cast our burdens on Him and pray for His Will to be worked out for the beloved, rather than hounding them with argument….a word in due season. As for growing our church, should that be our objective or is it that our church has become so appealing others will want to join us. Jesus taught and lived radical truth which appealed to many but was too hard for many, and which brought rejection and trouble.
    The mission must always be to be obedient to His Will and in all things submit to Him. This obedience will mean being different from the mob. It always amazes me that so much planning goes into church business when we know what Jesus would do in every situation. We are to be DO ers of the Word. That will set us apart. There are few enough actually teaching and hearing the Word, and for the most part those larger bodies settle into acquiesense as just another social club, even a tax deductible one in our country if it’s properly organised……Not in going about the business we are told we should be doing as His Sheep…..What were the goats who think for themselves NOT doing, while the sheep who have His heart and are doing His Will sometimes without an evangelical banner waving are going about doing acts of service He has informed us are the habits of those He saves.
    Goats barharhed His name, calling themselves after Him and He did not know them…..He failed to recognize them as His own.
    I heard a cricket player refer to “The batsman he wants to become” and thought even Don Bradman would never have thought he arrived at that goal. I have heard this idea of becoming the man I want to become, bandied around a lot and the penny has dropped it is the current psychodribble that lets a person off the hook for not being honest, kind, respectful, self-denying, etc NOW.
    Beware the common wisdom of the day that is sweet nectar to the ear and a harlot that will lead you astray through apparently innocent, noble but wishy washy words that let one off being accountable even to ones own conscience, deluded that we can actually put off the fatal day.
    It sounds like the Serpent in the Garden to me, “Thou shalt not surely die”.
    Jabin described the work of sanctification this way and I have concluded it is a matter of constantly choosing the right and submitting my will to His, which is NOT mystically revealed in a moment of superspiritual blessing, but is a case of knowing God’s character through the revelation of Jesus. If we read the word, we know the way. It is simple, all conscious choice which does get easier, till it becomes first nature, with practice.
    This is what the Apostle Paul was talking about when he said to put off the old human nature and put on the new. This is done by submission and results in the transforming of the mind which directs our body.

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